BFC's Dakota WMS

Over the last 25 years, BFC has designed and perfected Warehouse Management Solutions for Foodservice Distributors. Our BFC Dakota WMS has been tested and approved by even the most demanding of warehouse facilities. The BFC Dakota WMS provides cutting edge applications to ensure your facility is compliant with all government standards and capable of meeting the growing demands of your clients. These applications include:

GS1-128 Receiving
HACCP Controls


Coastal Produce


The TruckBuilder® is a unique method developed for BFC's Dakota Series Software which allows total control for building pallets and placement of pallets within the truck trailer. TruckBuilder® provides maximum flexibility to create the way you want the pallet picked and the way you want the pallets built on the truck. TruckBuilder® can be used with Voice selection, RF Selection, Voice with scanners or combinations that make your facility more productive.






Halsey Foodservice -  with Steve Neeley


Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)

Sponsored by BFC and Vocollect Featuring Ed Treacy of the Produce Marketing Association






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