GFG Foodservice

" You may not receive too many letters from I/S managers of your foodservice customers.  You most likely hear more from CEOs and operations management.  As you know, I/S was a key player in GFG's conversion to the BFC Dakota package.

Actually, GFG is probably your only customer that converted to BFC's advanced warehousing solution - twice!

That's because GFG converted to BFC in 1995, when we had AS/400 still running System/36 DMAS programs.  GFG and BFC worked hand-in-hand to meet our warehousing needs.

But in 1999, due to Y2k issues, GFG converted to a new ERP solution with the vendor custom-coding a warehouse management solution for us.  What a nightmare!  This decision set our warehousing operation back ten years.

Thus in February of 2001, we converted a second time to the BFC Dakota Series.  The new version of "Dakota" has many new features that were not in our older edition.  The "truck builder" has been highly praised by both operations and our drivers.  The hour a day per route our driver's have saved has paid for the BFC package; and it is only one of dozens of improvements we have made.

Thanks to you and your staff for the excellent technical support we have received.  I wish all of our applications were implemented this smoothly, and supported this well."


Dan Dybwad
VP of I/S
GFG Foodservice













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