Protein Distributors

Manage Catch Weights With Ease

Tracking expiration dates, catch weights, and ensuring proper product rotation are essential for maintaining quality and reducing waste. BFC Software is designed to streamline date management and product rotation for protein distributors, ensuring your products maintain their peak quality while minimizing waste.

Ensure Freshness and Minimize Waste

In an industry where freshness is key, our solution is specifically designed to streamline date management and product rotation for protein distributors, ensuring your products maintain their peak quality while minimizing waste.

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Expiration Management: Accurately and automatically track expiration dates, ensuring optimal freshness in every delivery.

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Intelligent Rotation Processes: Intelligent rotation strategies, automatically prioritizing stock based on expiry dates to reduce waste.

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Real-Time Inventory Insights : Gain instant visibility into your inventory, allowing for proactive management and rotation of protein products.

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Control Your Lot to Ensure Quality

Properly managing lots is not just about reducing waste; it's about ensuring each cut of protein reaches your customers in its best condition. Our food-specific solution provides robust lot management tools that optimize efficiency, minimize waste, and ensure the delivery of high-quality products.

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Optimized Stock Handling: Utilize intelligent algorithms to manage lot distribution, reducing waste and preserving the highest product quality.

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Enhanced Traceability: Track lots with pinpoint accuracy, providing a clear starting point for each product, vital for QA and customer trust.

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Waste Reduction Strategies: Use detailed data analysis to anticipate and prevent overstocking and spoilage of your entire protein warehouse.

Be Ready For FSMA 204

BFC is at the forefront of providing solutions that specifically cater to FSMA 204. Our solution is designed to ensure that protein distributors can seamlessly meet these compliance requirements without disrupting their operational efficiency.

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Streamlined Tracking and Reporting: Automatically track and report all compliance data, improving accuracy.

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Real-Time Traceability: Maintain real-time traceability of protein products, ensuring transparency and safety.

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Don’t Take Our Word, Take Theirs

Read what it's like to use BFC Software.

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"Over the years, our trust in BFC has paid off. They've not just optimized our operations and profitability; they've been a reliable partner that's allowed us to grow and expand our business. That's why we've never needed to look elsewhere."

Robert Berkowitz

President @ City Line

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“BFC Software saved us so much time and resources while giving us way more insights into the operations and efficiency of our business than we ever had manually."

Ed Maybrun

President @ Cotati Food Service

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"BFC reduced the number of selectors from 30 to 17, eliminated 2 checkers and improved mispicks from 1-1,000 to 1-12,000."

Dennis Merchant

Operations Manager @ Jordano's FoodService

Frequently asked questions

Curious to learn more? We got you. These are some of the top questions we're constantly asked. If you have any others, contact us!

How does BFC handle catch weights in protein distribution?
BFC’s system efficiently manages catch weights, ensuring accurate tracking and billing for protein products that vary in weight.
How does BFC support date-sensitive product tracking in protein distribution?
Our software provides robust tools to track date-sensitive products, ensuring proper rotation and compliance with food safety standards through FIFO (First-In, First-Out) methodologies.
Can BFC's software facilitate FEFO/FIFO processes for perishable protein products?
Yes, BFC's system is designed to automatically implement FEFO/FIFO processes, ensuring that the oldest products are used first, reducing waste and improving inventory turnover.
How does BFC Software optimize the truck building process?
TruckBuilder® optimizes the truck building process by planning the optimal layout of the truck before the selection process begins. This approach allows for fewer passes through the warehouse and more efficient loading of the truck, enhancing pick times and the overall efficiency of the delivery process.