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Pallets Perfected, Trucks Optimized.

Optimize your pick routes based on how the truck should be built for faster, more successful deliveries. 


Inventory accuracy our best-in-class customers see.

1 in 8.5k

Error rate our best-in-class customers see.

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BFC Software | Pick, Load, Deliver

Make Picking, Loading, and Delivery a Breeze

Still loading your trucks with basic palletization software, ERPs, or spreadsheets? TruckBuilder® intelligently creates the perfect pick paths based on how the truck should be built for seamless loading and delivery every time.

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Eliminate pallet rebuilding: Achieve a seamless operation where each pallet is prepared flawlessly, no checkers needed.

BFC Software | Green Checkmark

Maximize time and labor: Once TruckBuilder® is implemented, you'll find new, more impactful roles for your Checkers.

BFC Software | Green Checkmark

Minimize damage: Since pallets are designed before selection, pallets are more accurate and balanced, helping control damages.

TruckBuilder®: Key Features

TruckBuilder® is the engine that drives the outbound process for food distributors, optimizing trucks and pallets to improve traceability and productivity with a single pass pick.

BFC Route Optimization
Optimization All Around

TruckBuilder® looks at route and not only optimizes the truck but also optimizes each pallet for successful deliveries.

BFC Visibility
Product to Pallet Visibility

Before selection, gain full visibility into what product is on which pallet that's going on which truck, with easy-to-use reporting.

BFC Success
Built for Success

From selection to loading to delivery, TruckBuilder® helps provide the best possible pallet for delivery ease and success.

BFC Flexibility
Flexible Layouts

Whether you use full pallets, skinny pallets, totes, etc., TruckBuilder® provides the flexibility to optimize the truck no matter the layout or truck type. Flexible and Versatile.

BFC Fast Delivery
Faster, Easier Delivery

For every route, the driver will get a truck map, giving them complete visibility into each stop's delivered product. This shaves off time at each stop hunting for product.

BFC Bundle
Bundled or Stand-Alone

For over 20 years, TruckBuilder® has proven to be a tool used by hundreds of warehouse locations across the US and beyond. Bolt-on to your existing WMS or utilize it with Dakota WMS, it's flexible.  

The Gold Standard For Warehouse Operations

Our broadline, specialty, produce, protein, and convenience store clients set the standard for what ‘Good Looks Like’ in the food distribution industry.

1 in 8,500 Error Rate

Our top performing customers consistently achieve an error rate of 1 in 8,500.

1 in 8,500 error rate
>99% Inventory Accuracy

Customers on both the inbound and outbound side of Dakota WMS, can see an inventory accuracy rate of >99%.

99.92% inventory accuracy

Don’t Take Our Word, Take Theirs

Read what it's like to use BFC Software.

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"Over the years, our trust in BFC has paid off. They've not just optimized our operations and profitability; they've been a reliable partner that's allowed us to grow and expand our business. That's why we've never needed to look elsewhere."

Robert Berkowitz

President @ City Line

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“BFC Software saved us so much time and resources while giving us way more insights into the operations and efficiency of our business than we ever had manually."

Ed Maybrun

President @ Cotati Food Service

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"BFC reduced the number of selectors from 30 to 17, eliminated 2 checkers and improved mispicks from 1-1,000 to 1-12,000."

Dennis Merchant

Operations Manager @ Jordano's FoodService