Where Food Distributors Go To Optimize Their Operations

As a food distributor, every action in the warehouse is crucial. High mispick rates, incorrect deliveries, or lack of full traceability lead to reduced productivity and profits. We're committed to optimizing your operations daily.

Meet the team - BFC
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Meet the team - BFC

BFC - Born in the Warehouse

BFC is how food distributors control their warehouse. From a food-specific Warehouse Management System (WMS) and a robust E-commerce solution, we make it easy to improve operational efficiency, labor productivity, and compliance.

Forget the hassle of manual tracking and generic software. Our approach is tailor-made for food distributors, focusing on the unique demands of your business.

With BFC, your operations will quickly improve because of our:

Deep Industry Knowledge: With over two decades of we know what 'good' really means in food distribution.

Sole Focus on Food Distribution: We exist solely to improve the efficiency and profitability of this industry.

Around-the-Clock Support:
Like the ever-working industry we serve, we make sure you have the support you need whenever you need it.

Traceability from A to Z:
Partnering with the FDA, we guarantee complete traceability in compliance with FSMA 204.

When you’re ready to see what ‘good’ looks like, schedule a demo.

Meet the team - BFC

Our Core Values: The BFC Way

At BFC Software, we don't just build technology – we foster a culture where values are lived out every day. Our principles guide us, creating an environment where like-minded individuals can thrive and make a real impact.

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Customer-First Mindset

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Have a Bias For Action

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Show Your Work

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Cultivate Deep Trust

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Proactively Air Dirty Laundry

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Extreme Ownership Meets Full Accountability

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Be Humble

Meet The Team

Our strategy for winning together? Rolling up our sleeves, diving into what makes this industry hum, and delivering software solutions that meet those needs every day.​

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Lyle Castle


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Frank O'Dowd

Chief Strategy Officer

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Will Collins

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Revenue Officer

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Matthew Cross

Chief Technology Officer