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Elevate Your Picking. Accelerate Your Pace.

This is the food warehouse picking software that you've been waiting for. BFC Select improves selection accuracy and productivity, while putting you in the driver's seat when it comes to managing your labor. 


Inventory accuracy our best-in-class customers see.

1 in 8.5k

Error rate our best-in-class customers see.

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45% reduction in selector mispicks

Want the Lowest Error Rates In The Industry?

Our fully mobile, hands-free selection solution optimizes movements and accuracy within your selection process.

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Reduce Errors: Food-specific workflows are designed with the selector’s day-to-day in mind, anyone can quickly learn how to reduce errors.

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Near-Zero Training: Our food warehouse picking system is incredibly easy to learn and you’ll be able to get your team up to speed instantly.

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Crystal Clear Inventory: Gain an accurate snapshot of your inventory and always know what you have, when you have it.

Select: Key Features

Designed and built with food distributors top of mind, Select offers unique features and functionality geared for this industry.

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Best of Both Worlds

Select is a combination of voice and scan, in which the selector is directed where to go and how many to pick but utilizes scanning for item verification.

BFC Options
Flexible Picking Options

Do you start picking and staging product during the day to ease night shift? This is just one scenario highlighting the flexibility of Select. There are many more.

BFC pick path
Optimized Movements

Whether you're using single, double, or triple pallets, Select provides an optimal pick path around the warehouse for increased productivity.

BFC dashboard
Employee Dashboards

Setting your team up for success, Select tracks employee productivity to accurately report cases picked, idle time, etc. for proper incentives, assessments, and overall team productivity.

BFC catch weights
Catchweights? No Problem

Select provides multiple options when handling catch weighted items, offering flexibility based on your warehouse operations.

BFC Language adaptable
Language Adaptable

Select is adaptable to a variety of languages and also provides light vibration and audio cues for notifications or error promptings.

The Gold Standard For Warehouse Operations

Our broadline, specialty, produce, protein, and convenience store clients set the standard for what ‘Good Looks Like’ in the food distribution industry.

1 in 8,500 Error Rate

Our top performing customers consistently achieve an error rate of 1 in 8,500.

1 in 8,500 error rate
>99% Inventory Accuracy

Customers on both the inbound and outbound side of Dakota WMS, can see an inventory accuracy rate of >99%.

99.92% inventory accuracy

Don’t Take Our Word, Take Theirs

Read what it's like to use BFC Software.

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"Over the years, our trust in BFC has paid off. They've not just optimized our operations and profitability; they've been a reliable partner that's allowed us to grow and expand our business. That's why we've never needed to look elsewhere."

Robert Berkowitz

President @ City Line

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“BFC Software saved us so much time and resources while giving us way more insights into the operations and efficiency of our business than we ever had manually."

Ed Maybrun

President @ Cotati Food Service

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"BFC reduced the number of selectors from 30 to 17, eliminated 2 checkers and improved mispicks from 1-1,000 to 1-12,000."

Dennis Merchant

Operations Manager @ Jordano's FoodService