In Food Distribution, We Know What 'Good Looks Like.'

We've spent the past 20+ years building software specifically designed to solve the needs of food distribution. Our sole focus is on making your warehouse work smarter, not harder, ensuring efficiency, traceability, and profitability at every step.

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BFC Software | 1 in 8500 error rate reduction
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Your Success, Our Commitment.

Expect more than just software; count on a team that knows your food warehouse world inside and out and partners with you to enhance your operations and profits.

Phased Implementations

We meet you where you are. You can start with either inbound or outbound solutions, or implement both in parallel. It's your choice. We’re all about adapting to what works best for you, ensuring we enhance your business without the stress of rushing.

Traceability From A-Z

Our software will continue to be FSMA 204 compliant - now and into the future.

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Our Customers Outperform Others

Our top customers achieve error rates as low as 1 in 8500 and maintain a 99.9% inventory accuracy.

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Our Only Focus: Food Distributors

We're here to boost your growth, cut costs, and lower risks—making your food distribution smoother and compliant.

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Your Business Doesn't Rest. Neither Do We.

Our customer support is on the clock – 24/7/365 - to always support you.

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BFC Customers Outperform Industry Averages

At BFC Software, our customers are at the core of our mission. Seeing their successes fuels our commitment to innovation and we're honored to present their stories.

Innovating Warehouse Operations
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99.92% inventory accuracy

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18% reduction in returns

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45% improvement in mispicks

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How CFS Reduced Picking Errors by 70%

"BFC Software saved us so much time and resources while giving us way more insights into the operations and efficiency of our business than we ever had manually."

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Don’t Take Our Word, Take Theirs

Read what it's like to use BFC Software.

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"Over the years, our trust in BFC has paid off. They've not just optimized our operations and profitability; they've been a reliable partner that's allowed us to grow and expand our business. That's why we've never needed to look elsewhere."

Robert Berkowitz

President @ City Line

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“BFC Software saved us so much time and resources while giving us way more insights into the operations and efficiency of our business than we ever had manually."

Ed Maybrun

President @ Cotati Food Service

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"BFC reduced the number of selectors from 30 to 17, eliminated 2 checkers and improved mispicks from 1-1,000 to 1-12,000."

Dennis Merchant

Operations Manager @ Jordano's FoodService

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? We got you. These are some of the top questions we're constantly asked. If you have any others, contact us!

How does BFC Software enhance
the efficiency of warehouse selection?
BFC Software streamlines warehouse selection by optimizing the selection and loading processes. Our software designs a more contiguous process for order fulfillment, significantly reducing the number of passes a selector makes through the warehouse, thus enhancing efficiency and pick time.
Can BFC adapt to different types of products
during the receiving process?
Absolutely. Our inbound processing is highly configurable, allowing for unique receiving procedures for different types of products or product categories.
What makes BFC Software unique
for food distribution replenishment?
Our software is uniquely built for the food distribution industry, recognizing that each day of the week can have different demands. It customizes replenishment strategies based on daily variations, ensuring high fulfillment rates and tailored inventory management that aligns with the specific needs of food distributors.
Can BFC be installed in phases?
Of course! That's because running a food distribution warehouse requires 24/7/365 attention. Taking a moment to do a large-scale implementation, isn't in your cards. So we take pride in offering phased implementations. Start with Inbound, then Outbound. Or vice versa.
How does BFC Software handle different food distributor types?
BFC Software is designed to cater to the specific requirements of different types of food distributors. For instance, it accommodates catch weights for protein distributors, content collection receiving for produce, and scalable solutions for high SKU count specialty distributors. Additionally, our software addresses date sensitivity with FEFO (First Expired-First Out) data collection tools, ensuring optimal product usage and reduced waste.
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