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Automate Communication. Maximize Dock Utilization.

Dock is a specialized scheduling and dock management tool for food distributors that helps avoid inefficiency, non-compliance, and extra costs.


Inventory accuracy our best-in-class customers see.

1 in 8.5k

Error rate our best-in-class customers see.

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BFC WMS Solution - Dock

Enhance dock utilization and operational throughput.

Dock replaces outdated, manual systems with an automated, integrated tool that saves time, reduces truck wait times, and cuts costs related to staffing and delays. Its user-friendly interface and real-time updates streamline communication between all parties involved in the receiving process, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from arrival to receipt.

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Real-Time Arrival Updates: Instant notifications the moment your goods hit the dock.

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Advanced Resource Planning: Easily deploy your team where they're needed most.

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Slash Wait Times: Cut down on idle time, so your operations can stay lean and mean.

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Throughput Maximization: Drive up your dock’s productivity without driving up your costs.

Dock: Key Features

Elevate your dock's potential and discover the automated, real-time, and contactless features designed to synchronize your entire receiving operation.

BFC Communication
Automated Communication

Streamlined and automated communications between the vendor, carrier, purchasing, and transportation departments.

BFC Alert
Real-Time Alerts

User-friendly experience engaging all parties through each step of the process from scheduling delivery, dock arrival, unloading, etc. all in real-time.

BFC Contactless Updates
Contactless Updates

Notifications between driver and transportation tracking yard arrival and send messages for easy contactless interaction.

BFC Dock Management
Effortless Dock Management

Ease of scheduling via carrier portal along with capturing historical data to streamline each delivery.

BEF Integrate with receiving
Integrate with Receiving

Not only understand scheduling of inbound loads, when integrated with Receiving, better understand overall throughput at the dock.

BFC Load Management
Automated Load Management

Review and assess daily/weekly inbound loads to properly allocate resources and streamline the dock.

The Gold Standard For Warehouse Operations

Our broadline, specialty, produce, protein, and convenience store clients set the standard for what ‘Good Looks Like’ in the food distribution industry.

1 in 8,500 Error Rate

Our top performing customers consistently achieve an error rate of 1 in 8,500.

1 in 8,500 error rate
>99% Inventory Accuracy

Customers on both the inbound and outbound side of Dakota WMS, can see an inventory accuracy rate of >99%.

99.92% inventory accuracy

Don’t Take Our Word, Take Theirs

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"Over the years, our trust in BFC has paid off. They've not just optimized our operations and profitability; they've been a reliable partner that's allowed us to grow and expand our business. That's why we've never needed to look elsewhere."

Robert Berkowitz

President @ City Line

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“BFC Software saved us so much time and resources while giving us way more insights into the operations and efficiency of our business than we ever had manually."

Ed Maybrun

President @ Cotati Food Service

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"BFC reduced the number of selectors from 30 to 17, eliminated 2 checkers and improved mispicks from 1-1,000 to 1-12,000."

Dennis Merchant

Operations Manager @ Jordano's FoodService