May 2, 2024

At BFC, We Speak IT and Food Distribution. Here’s How.

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Denise Castillo

IT is the bedrock of efficiency and innovation.

As we highlighted in "3 Essential IT Strategies for Improving Food Distribution Operations," the impact of IT extends far beyond troubleshooting; it's about enabling growth, driving change, and aligning the tech stack with the business operations.

But for IT professionals, how is BFC different than other WMS vendors in the space?

The answer is simple.

Unlike other WMS vendors, we speak IT and Food Distribution combined.

So, why does that matter and how do we do it?

Our approach to working with IT departments is shaped by our team of former IT VPs and CIOs from leading food distribution companies. They know first-hand how to address the distinct challenges IT professionals face in this industry and have made sure that when our WMS is implemented into an organization it empowers the company while aligning with the IT department’s goals and jobs to be done.

Let’s unpack this a little more.

Our Dual Expertise: IT and Food Distribution

As an IT leader, it’s frustrating when you get on the phone with a vendor, and they don’t have the technical skills to answer your questions. You find yourself playing the game of counting how many times you hear, “let me get back to you,” without ever getting a clear answer.

Lucky for you, we hate that game too.

For over 25 years, we’ve honed our expertise in being able to speak “IT” without ever having to say, “let me get back to you.”

But what does this look like in practice?

It’s simple. When you, the client, come to us with a technical question, we're equipped to translate it for our team to address not only the IT concern but also the underlying food distribution need. And it works the other way around too.

For instance, a client might ask about enhancing the traceability features of their software to meet new compliance regulations. Our team, which again includes former VPs of IT and CIOs from major food distributors, understands that behind this technical question is a critical business requirement for transparency in the warehouse. We can dissect the technical jargon and, in turn, communicate the solution in a way that aligns with the client's operational procedures and business goals.

Conversely, if a member of our team identifies an opportunity to streamline a client's workflow through software, they articulate the benefits not just in terms of IT efficiency, but in a language that resonates with the day-to-day of food distribution. This ensures that every technical question is fully understood and answered in a way that addresses the unique needs of food distributors.

Our Dedication to You

We take pride in ensuring that IT teams have the assistance they need, whenever they need it – and that means complete reliability.

Reliability is demonstrated by our Tier 3-certified data centers, designed to offer resilience and fail-safe operations. Clients benefit from a seamless experience with no downtime, even during routine maintenance.

  • Data Backup Protocols: Adopt comprehensive data backup practices that maintain your operational readiness, safeguarding against unforeseen events such as ransomware attacks.
  • Round-the-Clock Assistance: BFC offers around-the-clock support, ensuring that help is available 24/7/365. This constant availability is crucial for the food distribution industry, where operations often continue outside of standard business hours.

  • Rapid Response Times: Our commitment to quick response times means that IT departments can resolve issues swiftly, minimizing downtime and maintaining operational continuity.